Application Process

Physical requirements and Maximum Entry Age:

  1.  The duties of probation officers require the investigation and management of convicted criminal offenders who present physical danger to officers and to the public.  In the supervision, treatment, and control of these offenders, these duties require moderate to arduous physical exercise, including prolonged periods of walking and standing, physical dexterity and coordination necessary to operate a firearm, and use of self-defense tactics.  On a daily basis, these officers face unusual mental and physical stress because they are subject to danger and possible harm during frequent, direct contact with individuals who are convicted of committing federal offenses.
  2.  Because officers must effectively deal with physical attacks and are subject to moderate to arduous physical exertion, applicants must be physically capable.  Any candidate the court is appointing to an officer position will be subject to a pre-employment medical examination.  The applicant must be determined medically qualified prior to commencement of duties.  For additional information on the medical guidelines, please click on Officer and Officer Assistant Medical Guidelines (located to the right).
  3.  First time appointees to positions covered under law enforcement officer retirement provisions must not have reached their 37th birthday at the time of appointment.  Applicants 37 or over who have previous law enforcement experience under the Civil Service Retirement System or the Federal Employees’ Retirement System and who have either a subsequent break in service or intervening service in a non-law enforcement officer position may have their previous law enforcement officer experience subtracted from their age to determine whether they meet the maximum age requirement.