Internship Program

Overview & Mission

The mission of the Student Internship Program for the U.S. Probation Office for the Western District of Texas is multi-fold. The primary mission is to provide an opportunity for college students to develop experience in the field of corrections, particularly in the U.S. Probation system. To this end, several other objectives will be accomplished which are an integral part of the program’s mission.

The program helps develop greater community involvement and closer relationships with area institutions of higher learning. This bonding allows us to become involved in other programs that may be beneficial to schools, students, probation staff and local communities.

The student internship program involves its volunteers in the federal work environment while they are in the early stage of their exploration of their careers. The program is designed to ensure that the learning experience is beneficial to students and probation staff. While the main focus of the program is to attract college students in the field of corrections or criminal justice, other disciplines are invited to participate. This provides exposure in the field of corrections to students of related disciplines and may give them greater career opportunities. It will also provide U.S. Probation Officers knowledge beyond their general experience.

The ever expanding responsibilities associated with the field of corrections require knowledge from many disciplines including psychology, social work, education, business management, and counseling. Additionally, expertise in sub-specialties including computer literacy, substance abuse, mental health, investigative techniques, effective writing, and training are essential.

In summary, the program allows us to learn from each other, develop greater community involvement, and encourage and prepare students to enter a field that requires commitment, creativity, and competency in many disciplines.